Faith @ Home Workshop – Feb. 21

The “Mom and tots” program at St. David’s Presbyterian Church is hosting a special guest speaker on Wednesday, February 21st at 10:00 am on the topic of Faith @ Home (see description below). This workshop is for parents and grandparents who want to pass their faith on to their children. Hope to see you there.

Faith @ Home: Best Practices For Sharing Your Faith With Your Children And Grandchildren:

Parents and grandparents often wonder if what they are doing at home (and in the church) is the best they could be doing to share a transformative faith with their children and grandchildren.  Are the kids listening? Does your faith matter to them? Will they grow up with a faith of their own that speaks to them and lasts a life-time? PARENTS have the MOST CRITICAL influence on the ongoing faith of their children and GRANDPARENTS play an especially important role too! Tori Smit, Regional Minister for Faith Formation for the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda, will look at 5 key practices for parents and grandparents to consider as they seek to pass their faith on to their children and grandchildren. We will hear practical take-home ideas, discover some great resources for your family to use, and reflect on the special opportunities the church year presents us with to celebrate at home. Finally we will consider some of the challenging situations we may experience as we seek to pass our faith on to the next generation.