Responding to COVID-19

Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church is committed to providing a safe and healthy place for people to gather and worship God. The national office of the Presbyterian Church in Canada has provided congregations information about what we can be doing to lower the health risks associated with COVID-19 and NPC is implementing these recommendations for this Sunday including:

  • hand sanitizer will be readily available
  • tissues will be available in the pews
  • instead of handshakes, greeters will use alternative greetings
  • commonly-touched surfaces will be disinfected
  • people will be reminded to wash their hands

In addition to the above actions:

  • no refreshments after worship
  • no bulletins will be handed out
  • offering plates will not be passed around

All are welcome to come and worship but we would invite anyone with a cold or flu symptoms to stay at home. We will be streaming the service this Sunday so if you area member of a vulnerable population, or if you’re simply worried or uncomfortable attending worship, please stay home and enjoy the service online (details still to come). 

Please stay tuned as we will be regularly updating our website with current information.

Blessings, Reuben