buildingNassagaweya was surveyed in 1819 with settlers arriving soom afterwards from England, Ireland and Scotland. A Sabbath School was established in Knowles School House (on Hutcheon’s Hill) in the early 1830s; the church was established in 1836. The first church building was a frame building which was erected in 1839. The stone building we meet in today (now a recognized historic building) was built in 1861.

In 1869, 58 people from Nassagaweya established St David’s Presbyterian Church in Campbellville. Nassagaweya and St. David’s operated as a two-point charge (i.e. where two congregations are served by the same minister) from that time until November 2004. Many ministers have served Nassagaweya and St. David’s well through the years. A few names that stand out are: Archibald Blair, who stayed at Nassagaweya/St. David’s for 30 years (1885-1915) during which time the congregation numbered 204 members; Mary Farmery (1976-1979), the first female minister to serve the charge; Desmond Howard (1980-1990), Glen Soderholm (1991-2004), whose gifts and leadership helped us begin the transition into a 21st century ministry and then Sean Howard (2004-2011).

In 2004, St. David’s & Nassagaweya Presbyterian petitioned the Presbytery of Brampton to divide the two congregations into two pastoral charges. The petition was approved, making Sean Howard the first person to minister solely at Nassagaweya since 1869.

As you can see from even such a brief look back, there have been many changes over the years, and yet Nassagaweya has continued through it all (we celebrated our 175th anniversary in June 2011). But the life and ministry of Nassagaweya is not all behind us, for we are continuing to seek God’s guidance as he leads us into the future. We are thankful for our long history and all that God has done for us and through us here at Nassagaweya. However, we are committed to continuing our mission of reaching out to our community with the good news of God’s love. We believe that true fullness of life is found and experienced as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and that God calls the church to connect in a vital and meaningful way with its neighbours and community. We are excited and energized by what God is doing and will do among us.