The Insecure King

January 5, 2020
Who rules our lives? What would it mean to let go of trying to control our lives and let Christ rule instead?
How would we hear the story of Christmas when we discover Jesus wasn't born in a stable but in a house?
Advent is a time of preparing. We prepare for Christmas by letting Christ's light shine through our lives.
In Advent we celebrate that Jesus comes to us. In preparation, we are called to walk in the light of God.
A wise steward knows what is the most important thing.
Being a wise steward means counting the cost and discovering that God is worth it.
A good steward lives a life of gratitude and nurtures gratitude in others.

How do the rules and rituals of religion prevent us from following the true religion Jesus called us to? To love God and our neighbour as ourselves.
There was a man who had two sons... and he forgot to count.
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